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FreeWheel Video Monetization Report

Q1 2012 Report

Online video is continuing on its path to generating revenue much like television, with video ad view growth rates outpacing video view growth rates for the second quarter in a row.

The data in this Q1 2012 report comprises over more than 11.6 billion video views and more than 8.7 billion video ad views during the quarter and is one of the largest pools of data available on the usage and monetization of professional video content.

The FreeWheel Video Monetization Report is released quarterly and seeks to highlight the changing dynamics of how enterprise-class content owners and distributors are monetizing professional digital video content.

In this report, we continue to report on content monetized, ad format growth rates, the dynamics of non-PC/Mac video consumption, and are now releasing data on game console video viewing.

FreeWheel, founded in 2007, manages ad sales rights and serves ads into the U.S. and abroad on wired and wireless Internet devices. Its flagship product, Monetization Rights Management® (MRM) solves a crucial issue for producers and distributors of professional video content: ad sales rights management as video is consumed on a multiplicity of devices beyond the traditional confines of the television.


A few statistics

  • Q1 2012 video ad loads were as high as they were in Q4 2011 and did not display the typical seasonal dip experienced in most media
  • Xbox 360 game console is seeing massive gains in share of non-PC/Mac professional video viewing, now shares the lead at 28% with iPad at 27%
  • Completion rates for pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll video ads hold steady despite reported increases in ad loads
  • Despite dominance in video view volume, iPad and Xbox still trail PC/Mac in monetization rates


Why FreeWheel?
Why FreeWheel

We build technology to make sure those in TV, movies, music, and sports profit from their professional content.

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