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Ok, it's not light reading. But here we have captured our thoughts on some of the biggest challenges plaguing the world of converged video. These reports and thought papers endeavor to offer guidance on industry trends, best practices, case studies based on what we've seen work, and our point of view on the video landscape.


FreeWheel Video Monetization Report
Q4 2013

Q4 2013 wrapped up an extremely strong year for growth and evolution in the U.S. digital television market, with video views and ad views both up 30% year-over-year. Read More

FreeWheel Video Monetization Report
Q3 2013

TV Everywhere has become a reality,and people are enjoying entertainment across dozens of different screens and devices. In Q3 2013 we saw significant evidence of this consumer driven shift from linear TV viewing to anytime, anywhere, any device viewing demonstrated by the rapid growth in viewing on tablets, OTT, and mobile devices. Read More

FreeWheel Video Monetization Report
Q2 2013

In the second quarter of 2013, data showed growing evidence of the shift from linear TV / living room viewing to anytime, anywhere, any device viewing. Video view growth increased 38% year over year, largely driven by tablets and mobile phones. As scale continues to build, digital video increasingly reflects the linear TV experience; long-form linear ad loads are up 12% year over year, thirty second ads comprising almost 50% of ad views, and viewers using tablets and OTT devices for long-form content consumption. Read More

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A Programmatic Perspective for Premium Video Publishers

This paper represents FreeWheel's POV on programmatic from the perspective of our client base who represent the premium end of the video market.


Making Money from Mobile Content

A guide for successfully syndicating professional content to mobile devices.


Balancing Standards with Innovation

A look at how reaching scale in video is achievable through standardized innovation.


Making Online Video More Like Television

An ad-supported view of TV Everywhere

Case Studies

Live Digital Video Advertising

Learn how how dynamic ad insertion helped the Big Ten Network with its digital product, BTN2Go

Advisory Services Revenue Operations Assessment

Read about how our Advisory Services team conducted a systematic organizational analysis for one of the largest sports entertainment companies on a quest for efficiency.

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Why FreeWheel

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