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Headed to an industry event? Odds are good you'll find us there.

Below are upcoming events where you can expect to see us speaking, sponsoring, attending, or just hanging out with some of our colleagues.

  • TVNewser Show Offsite Link04.29.14 New York, NY
    With a fresh, interactive format we'll explore key topics, including the new technologies that are changing business as usual, how TV shows and social platforms collaborate for real-time social viewing, and what it all means for content producers, agencies, brands, and consumers.

    4:15 PM EDT
    Panel: Web & Streaming TV: Complement or Replacement

    Brian Dutt, Director, Advisory Services, Panelist

  • Infinitive Digital BrainFest Offsite Link05.02.14 Chantilly, VA
    Digital BrainFest 2014 brings together eminent minds from around the country to share unique perspectives and actionable insights across the spectrum of the digital world.

    1:30 PM EDT
    Panel: Multi-Screen Advertising Campaigns at Scale - Possibility or Pipe Dream?

    James Rothwell, VP, Business Development, Panelist

  • Variety Entertainment and Technology Summit Offsite Link05.05.14 Marina del Rey, CA
    In this digital age, technology is steering the future of entertainment, and the Variety Entertainment and Technology Summit will put you in the driver’s seat to succeed. Hear from leading innovators across TV, film, music, gaming and digital media. Stay ahead of the transformation, and come be a part of this critical conversation.

    9:15 AM PDT
    TV is Truly Everywhere: Trends in Digital Television

    Brian Dutt, Director, Advisory Services, Presenter

  • IAB Cross-Screen Marketplace Offsite Link05.15.14 New York, NY
    In this new multiscreen universe, online video, mobile and broadcast are no longer individual platforms. Reaching and engaging your audience has never been more challenging. To keep up with consumer demand, marketing strategists must adapt. How can you reach an audience wherever they are, whenever they are available? How do you create rich creative experiences that scale from the largest of screens to those in your pocket? What are the best metrics to prove it’s working?

    3:15 PM EDT
    Deep-Dive Track Session: TV + DV = ?
 Convergence is Here. Now what?

    Brian Dutt, Director, Advisory Services, FreeWheel, Presenter

  • B&C On Demand Summit Offsite Link05.22.14 New York, NY
    If content is king, the 2014 On Demand Summit is the king of conferences! This annual one-day event offers those in the quickly changing and maturing business of on demand video with an open forum for exploring what’s new and what’s next in an effort to stay fresh.

  • BroadbandTVcon Offsite Link06.03.14 Santa Clara, CA
    The broadbandtvcon is where you want to be if you want to connect with content distributors, device manufacturers, technology providers, content creators, service providers and more. This is the event where the future of television and entertainment is determined.

    9:05 AM PDT
    Panel: Behind the Numbers: Is Television As We Know it Sustainable?

    Frans Vermeulen, SVP Global Solutions & Corporate Development, Panelist

  • Cynopsis Digital’s Big Monetization Summit Offsite Link06.19.14 New York, NY
    Cynopsis Digital’s Big Monetization Summit is your gateway to the must-have insights on next generation business models and strategies for developing and distributing quality digital programming.

    2:35 PM EDT
    Panel: The Tensions and Opportunities Around Programmatic & Real-Time Bidding

    James Rooke, General Manager, Business Solutions, Panelist

  • VideoNuze Online Video Advertising Summit Offsite Link06.25.14 New York, NY
    Bringing together hundreds of executives from brands, agencies, content providers and technology companies, the VideoNuze Online Video Advertising Summit is an immersive day of learning and networking. Attendees can expect candid discussion from leading experts about how they’re succeeding and the key challenges that remain.

    Panel: TV is Video, But is Video TV
    Doug Knopper, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Panelist

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