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Monetization Rights Management®

  • If you’re not making money from your content, someone else is.

    Things were much simpler when your inventory lived only on a single site or a single channel - your sales team sold ads against it and you made money. Today is far more chaotic. Multiple parties are displaying your content across multiple locations on a variety of devices, perhaps selling ads against that content all the while. Controlling your ad sales rights becomes a primary concern.

    Enter MRM. FreeWheel's flagship product was purpose-built to manage ad sales rights in the world of syndicated video.

    Business Benefits
    • Control who can sell ads into your content and under what conditions, capturing the revenue you’re due
    • Grow your viewership by confidently distributing more content in more places
    • Provide the same quality experience your viewers demand
    Product Capabilities
    • Manage ad sales rights for each episode of each show on each page
    • Allocate a specific percentage of inventory to each partner and change it at will
    • Allow for healthy competition between partners to sell into your content
    Control who can sell ads against each episode of each show on each page it runs. Ico Mag Glass

    Control who can sell ads against each episode of each show on each page it runs.

  • Who knew syndicated video would make forecasting even harder.

    Making the most money possible from your ad business requires knowing exactly what you have to sell, at what price, and delivering in full. Syndicated video made the daunting task of accurate forecasting close to impossible. Video inventory is about time watched, not just what was watched, and requires an entirely different forecasting model.

    MRM's patent-pending forecasting capabilities are as sophisticated as you'd expect, accounting for popularity decay curves, distribution partners, display rights windows, inventory booking conflicts, partner constraints, advertiser constraints, and ad unit constraints - then we show what you have to sell at what price. We also offer Scenario Forecasting and Extended Forecasting products that allow for even greater insight into what you have available to sell.

    Business Benefits
    • Better monetize your inventory by knowing exactly what to sell at what price
    • Make data-driven decisions about how to deploy direct and indirect sales channels
    • Confidently commit to insertion orders based on accurate, on-demand forecasts
    Product Capabilities
    • Set pricing based on real data down to the episode level
    • Portfolio, transactional, and on-demand forecasting
    • Designed to reflect trends and predictions for each individual video
    • Re-forecasts every placement every 24 hours, and on demand
    Always know exactly how much you have to sell with portfolio, transactional, and on-demand forecasts. Ico Mag Glass

    Always know exactly how much you have to sell with portfolio, transactional, and on-demand forecasts.

  • Imagine an ad server - with a brain.

    We realize that selling ad serving as anything but a commodity is a steep hill to climb. Except ours isn't a commodity. Ours understands video. What if instead of just serving ads, you were prescribing them. Not mindlessly picking one out of the group, but intentionally choosing the optimal set of video-mobile-display ads for you and your advertisers to run over the course of a given show.

    MRM's ad serving capabilities offer a brand new world of ad decisions. It delivers ads against the who, the what, and the where: who you intend to reach using our Audience Management capabilities, against what video view, no matter where that view takes place. MRM takes the act of serving an ad into the science of prescribing which ad is optimal at each point of the viewing experience - and then delivers with all of the scale, speed, and security you've come to expect.

    Business Benefits
    • Sell television as television, accounting for not just place but time
    • Optimize revenue across entire video instead of just one ad slot
    • Combined with accurate forecasts, no impression goes unmonetized
    Product Capabilities
    • Comes with all of the features and functions of trusted traditional ad servers
    • Allows for multiple ads to run per commercial break, and multiple breaks per video
    • Accounts for exclusivities, embedded product placements, and sponsorships
    Use an ad server that decides what set of ads to run across and within a given video to preserve user experience and make you the most money. Ico Mag Glass

    Use an ad server that decides what set of ads to run across and within a given video to preserve user experience and make you the most money.

  • Reporting clicks? Easy. Reporting revenue attribution across partners? Not so easy.

    Gone are the days of simple impression, click, and post-click activity reporting. The complexity of syndicated video is nowhere more evident than in the metrics required to garner business performance insight. Understanding how each party involved, each video viewed, each ad served all contribute to your business performance is paramount. And not at all easy.

    MRM reporting was purpose-built with this complexity in mind. Our system reports on which content drove what revenue, who sold the ad, and who delivered the audience - by video, by site, by country. We offer the most robust reporting available.

    Need more? Try MRM Analytics.

    Business Benefits
    • Account for run-revenues across your entire value chain
    • Know at all times how your partners are affecting your bottom line
    • Insights are close at hand with reporting at the broadest and most granular levels
    Product Capabilities
    • Report performance (impressions and run-revenue) at the episode and ad unit level
    • Over 70 of the most business-critical reports to choose from
    • Partner performance views by each of the roles they fill (content owner, distributor, reseller)
    Monitor business performance with reporting at the episode and ad unit level with over 70 pre-made reports to choose from. Ico Mag Glass

    Monitor business performance with reporting at the episode and ad unit level with over 70 pre-made reports to choose from.

  • Need more than the standard MRM implementation?
    You came to the right place.

    Why would we rest on the robust set of features MRM already offers when we can continue to innovate against the challenges our customers face in generating revenue from their content? We wouldn’t. We offer several products that are extensions of MRM to further customize our technology to your business needs. Check ‘em out.

    Ratings-Based Planning Ratings-Based Planning

    Business Benefits:  Allows publishers to efficiently sell audience guaranteed ad inventory, as well as accurately plan, forecast, execute, optimize, and report on campaigns measured by third-party measurement services.

    Product Capabilities: Ratings-Based Planning augments MRM's already advanced capabilities by integrating audience prediction models. These models enable forecasting and ad delivery optimization of third-party demographics. Ratings-Based Planning's "push-button" workflow allows users to setup measurement reporting and tags directly from MRM.  Currently, Ratings-Based Planning integrates with Nielsen's OCR product, and support for comScore's vCE audience measurement in the near-term.

    Extended Forecasting Extended Forecasting

    Business Benefits: Take an aggressive, proactive approach to managing possible over-sold or under-sold situations before revenue is lost, and better manage upfronts and other future planning by seeing your full inventory picture much farther into the future.

    Product Capabilities: The standard MRM implementation comes with forecasting that predicts 90 days into the future. Extended Forecasting allows you to lengthen that window to up to a full two years of forecasting visibility.

    Stream Stitching Stream Stitching

    Business Benefits: Allows you to monetize live, simulcast, and on-demand content with dynamically inserted ads, as well as efficiently increase inventory across multiple platforms at scale.  You’ll stop training users to expect an ad-free experience within live content, and provide them with an optimal user experience with content supported by optimized advertising.

    Product Capabilities: Our flexible Stream Stitching solution works with any content delivery network, or streaming source.  It supports linear ad formats (pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll), and, through a hybrid solution, will also support companion and overlay formats; rich media formats from some of the most prominent providers in the mobile and desktop space are also supported.

    Audience Management Audience Management

    Business Benefits: Sell against known audience attributes, charging higher CPMs for otherwise untargeted impressions, bolster owned data with third party data for broader reach, deliver linear make-goods using online inventory.

    Product Capabilities: Audience Management allows you to easily build, traffic, forecast, target, and report on specific audience segments, either based on your owned audience data or via third party purchased data.

    MRM Analytics MRM Analytics

    Business Benefits: With unparalleled data access, understand exactly what content is generating the most revenue with daily updates to the data so you can impact the business in real time. See all of your video and partner ad business data in a single view.

    Product Capabilities: MRM Analytics is one of the most advanced econometrics reporting systems available, giving you access to hundreds of metrics and millions of possible queries to ensure your teams have the exact data they need to increase revenue.

    Scenario Forecasting Scenario Forecasting

    Business Benefits: Using “if, then” forecasting scenarios, determine the optimal ways to address questions about how to best reallocate over-sold inventory, how to balance increased ad avails with user experience, and how to anticipate business impacts before they happen.

    Product Capabilities: Scenario Forecasting allows MRM customers to create one or more alternate forecasts that do not impact any of the live settings in production, allowing you to tinker with various inventory impacts to determine your optimal settings before pushing those changes live.

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