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TV buyers can now access premium digital video inventory with just one click.

The era of single screen viewing has evolved in amazing fashion over the last decade - and viewers are still in love with the experience of TV.

Video everywhere is a reality, and today, people enjoy entertainment across many different screens and devices. It's all just TV, yet the ability for advertisers to reach those aggregate audiences has gotten much harder.

One of the primary challenges has been the gap in workflow and systems separating TV buyers and digital suppliers from efficiently doing business together...until now.

Built for the Future

In partnership with Mediaocean, FourFronts connects digital video supply with linear TV demand - making premium digital video content available to TV buyers across televisions, smartphones, tablets, and all connected screens.

Leveraging their existing systems and workflow, marketers can now more efficiently access and buy premium digital ad inventory. This provides extended audience scale and reach by aggregating MRC-accredited, TV quality digital video inventory from suppliers that have signed on to participate in FourFronts.

The FreeWheel-Mediaocean integration brings together two companies with extensive footprints in their respective industries. FreeWheel makes revenue decisions for 15 of the top 20 primetime broadcast and cable networks, as well as a growing number of TV and digital video distributors. Mediaocean processes more than $130 billion in media spend every year globally. Read more


Streamlining the Marketplace & Improving Today's Workflow

Benefits for Digital Publishers

  • Ability to easily access TV demand at scale
  • Improve efficiency by connecting into existing TV buying systems and workflow
  • Benefit from participating in guaranteed, longer-term deals, using the established TV model
  • Enhance premium positioning of digital video inventory as TV
  • Supports a bridge between linear and digital businesses

Benefits for TV Buyers

  • Ability to reach audiences who have extended their TV viewing to smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and other over-the-top devices with greater ease
  • Execute digital video buys more efficiency by using the current TV workflow and systems already used today
  • Unites TV budgets under the premise that TV is just TV - regardless of the screen viewers are consuming content
  • The inventory being bought is premium professional video content only, MRC-accredited, transparent, and structured like TV
  • Quickly tap into additional premium video supply to back-fill for unexpected ratings drops