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The Team

We have amassed a team of industry veterans to lead and scale our company.



We continue to hire the best and brightest leadership to scale the organization with a critical focus on intellect and culture. Preserving the quality of our people is a number one priority, and this is the team responsible for doing so.

Jon Heller

Co-founder, Co-CEO
Silicon Valley

  • What I do now: Invent things, make them real, and help clients use them to make more money. From entire businesses to product features, I work with amazing people to think stuff up and make it really useful..
  • What I did before: I’ve spent over a dozen years operating media businesses and building ad technology in both the television and online worlds. I was the operating officer of the global DoubleClick Media Network, VP/GM of Yahoo’s ad networks, and COO of Visible World.
  • Why I love FreeWheel: I get to take all of the lessons learned from the first internet revolution and apply those scars and skills to the new TV revolution. And do it with my friends, the best in the industry.


Doug Knopper

Co-founder, Co-CEO
Silicon Valley

  • What I do now: I lead a company that is changing the way the media world works – for the better. If I do my job right, people all over the world will get to watch their video whenever, wherever – and the people that make and distribute that video get paid, too. Pretty cool!
  • What I did before: I lived through the birth, death, and a couple of rebirths of the internet advertising world as General Manager of DoubleClick. And I spent too many years in the advertising agency world.
  • Why I love FreeWheel: This is the company that I’ve always wanted to work at. We’re on a mission to succeed, working with the smartest (and most fun) people in the world, and interacting with the best customers in the industry. I love coming to work every day.


Diane Yu

Co-founder, CTO

  • What I do now: Transform ideas into reality on our world class platform to help our customers be successful.
  • What I did before: Spent ten years at DoubleClick running the engineering team and building the most advanced ad serving system of the time.
  • Why I love FreeWheel: Get to build the best engineering team from the ground up, create a brand out of a dream, and do it with the smartest people in the world, people I respect.


Laura Burkhart

Senior Strategic Relationship Director
Silicon Valley

  • What I do now: As FreeWheel's very first account director, my job is simple: keep clients happy.
  • What I did before: I spent the past ten years managing relationships at Jumpstart Automotive Media and DoubleClick. Before that, I spent six years in marketing and communications roles at KPMG LLP.
  • Why I love FreeWheel: I wake up every day thankful for our management (yes, really!): they are focused on keeping employees happy so we can focus on keeping clients happy.


Erica Carmel

VP, Marketing
Silicon Valley

  • What I do now: I make sure that you know who we are, what we do, and how we can help.
  • What I did before: I spent twelve years at IBM bringing innovative enterprise software and SaaS solutions to market.
  • Why I love FreeWheel: I get to work with a fast paced team of smart, fun, and highly motivated people who are helping to shape the transformation of the TV and entertainment industry. What's not to love!


JiuQing (Jack) Deng

VP, Engineering & Chief Architect

  • What I do now: I am the architect of FreeWheel’s core systems - which is not as easy as it sounds.
  • What I did before: I joined FreeWheel two years ago from start-up, Roxbeam, where I was the architect and also managed a team of engineers for P2P-based video streaming solutions.
  • Why I love FreeWheel: My favorite part of FreeWheel is that every single line of code written here is for real business.


Michael Evangelista

SVP, Product Strategy & Architecture
New York

  • What I do now: I am responsible for FreeWheel’s ad server and forecasting systems.
  • What I did before: For four years at DoubleClick I managed engineering teams for DFA and DFP ad serving and back-end systems. Before that, I pursued my graduate studies in computer science at Purdue University under Professor Douglas E. Comer with a concentration in TCP/IP networking and systems.
  • Why I love FreeWheel: It’s extraordinarily exciting to work at a company that is at the center of an industry, helping to reshape and revolutionize it.


Nick Ionita

SVP, Product Management
Silicon Valley

  • What I do now: I'm helping to bring RPM to market, while continuing to oversee MRM's user interface and web services layers.
  • What I did before: I started my career as an Engineer turned Consultant at IBM, and then transitioned into Product Management at one of the largest media publishers in the country.
  • Why I love FreeWheel: I get to channel my 'inner MacGyver' with some of the smartest people I know. Having spent time as a consultant, I couldn't ask for a cooler industry and set of clients. No bait and switch here folks!


Kevin Liu

VP, Engineering

  • What I do now: I manage a team of the smartest people in UI and video integration to keep them happy and challenged. This team continues to develop Ad Manager, renderers, MRM UI, MRM Analytics, BVI and our Open API platform.
  • What I did before: For two years I was the senior technical manager building Prior to that, I worked as an architect and R&D department manager in several internet and telco companies.
  • Why I love FreeWheel: At the beginning, it was our CTO - she was the boss I had wanted for years. By now, it is the dazzling team I get to work with and learn from every day. One more reason - it’s obvious, but the imaginative business we’re in.


Alex Ng

SVP, Global Operations
New York

  • What I do now: I am responsible for building a global video ad serving system and a world class operations team.
  • What I did before: I spent over ten years at DoubleClick where I built and managed the growth of the DART global network.
  • Why I love FreeWheel: I get all of the support and freedom at FreeWheel an ops guy can only dream of.


Melissa M. Roberts

General Manager, Enterprise Sales
New York

  • What I do now: I am the chief advocate for FreeWheel in the marketplace, delivering industry expertise and a leading technology solution to the largest media companies in the world.
  • What I did before: I have spent 14 years leading teams charged with taking the latest ad serving solutions into publishers and agencies, educating potential users, and closing deals.
  • Why I love FreeWheel: I am deeply proud of the platform and people. Hands down, I have the best job in the industry.


James Rooke

General Manager, Business Solutions
New York

  • What I do now: I run our Advisory Services team, supporting our clients with FreeWheel's thought leadership on the business of video.
  • What I did before: I spent nearly 10 years in the advisory field - first for Ernst & Young and then Capgemini, working with large media companies to help navigate the wild west of today's media landscape. I then worked for Time Warner Cable Media in corporate strategy, and then as General Manager of a new digital marketing services business.
  • Why I love FreeWheel: Working alongside a team of driven, passionate and super bright individuals, to help the most important media companies in the world shape the future of our industry. Plus, as a Brit, I love the fact we have a dart board in the office, it's our national past time (in the pub) so makes me feel right at home.


Frans Vermeulen

SVP, Revenue & Strategy
New York

  • What I do now: Focus on aligning the company's revenue with that of our clients. Work towards delivering profitable revenue models and strategies for all current and future products and services as well as for customers via advisory services.
  • What I did before: I was the second employee at aCerno where I ran revenue operations and account management - we were bought by Akamai in 2008.
  • Why I love FreeWheel: Without question, it is the people. Each brings true dedication, intellect, and most important, a serious sense of humor.


Di Wang

VP, Engineering

  • What I do now: It is my honor to lead FreeWheel’s Core Engineering team working on ad serving, back-end reporting, and forecasting service platform.
  • What I did before: I was lucky to join FreeWheel on the very first day we opened the office in Beijing in July 2007. Before that I served for four years as CTO in a local network security company in China after receiving my BS and Masters degrees from Tsinghua University.
  • Why I love FreeWheel: I can’t imagine a more exciting place to work - teamed up with a bunch of experts to build, scale, and operate a leading technology infrastructure in a fast-growing industry.



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