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10 Reasons

What's the big deal about FreeWheel?

We know the syndicated video space is complex and the players involved are constantly changing. There are dozens of companies promising solutions to your video monetization challenges - many using the same words with very different offerings.

Here are ten crystal-clear reasons we think you should be working with us:

  • 1

    We know what we’re doing because we’ve done this before.

    A handful of former DoubleClick executives responsible for its technology, systems, and operations founded FreeWheel and have amassed a team of industry veterans to ensure the company’s success.
  • 2

    We built our products from scratch to do exactly what they do now.

    Often companies start down a path, see success elsewhere, and shift focus. Not us. We saw a need in the market, built products to solve for it, and tout the same mission as when we were founded.
  • 3

    We follow your video - mobile, PC, TV, gaming - yes, we support it.

    Consumers want your videos wherever they go - on the phone, laptop, tablet, TV, or gaming console. Our products were built with mobility in mind and have been serving these devices since our launch.
  • 4

    Your business is our business - and we take our business very seriously.

    We redefine words like “dedication” and “commitment.” Ask any of our customers. Our team becomes an integral part of your team and won’t rest until your bottom line is growing.
  • 5

    We are pervasively integrated throughout the video ecosystem.

    If your current operations structure requires that we integrate with players, technologies, systems, or servers, odds are we’ve already done the leg work. Check out our partners.
  • 6

    We serve billions of ads monthly for the largest media companies.

    Concerned about scale? Don’t be. With N+1 redundant data centers, dedicated teams for each account, and 24/7 global operations support, we designed this company to support businesses like yours.
  • 7

    Our flagship product is MRC accredited, SOC1 compliant, and VAST/VPAID certified.

    Internationally-recognized auditors have used the Media Rating Council, IAB, and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants standards to accredit MRM and MRMA.
  • 8

    We continue to hire the best and the brightest.

    Scaling a company with the same focus on intellect and culture is a challenge. Even as we add offices and scale teams, preserving the quality of our people is priority #1.
  • 9

    We are already thinking about five years from now.

    Today’s world of convergence, cross-platform integration, and content anywhere is downright daunting. We continue to innovate against current and new products to keep you years ahead.
  • 10

    We’re hilarious. At least, we think we are.

    All joking aside, we joke a lot. The challenges we solve for are serious, and our business is highly complex - but you’ll be surprised at how much fun we’ll have working together.


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